Steel fencing, roofing, reinforcing mesh & rod, bolts “elgate” fittings hinges & latches.

Steel Sales & Fabrication

From Millimetres to Full Lengths or whatever your steel requirements AJ Steel offer a full range of products and services and will deliver to your door.  Our Fabrication workshop has a team of people to cater for all your needs in the fabrication of beams, posts, frames and gates.

Universal beams & columns



Structural Equal Angles Grade

From 125x125x8 to 200x200x13

Structural Unequal Angles Grade

From 150x90x8 to 150x100x10

Taper Flange Beams Grade

From 100x45 TF to 125x65 TF

Channels Grade

From 50x25 to 380x100

Universal Beams Grade

From 150UB 14.0 to 310C 137

Steel Pipe & Tube



SHS Painted Squares

From 13x13x1.8 PTD to 250x250x9.0 BLK

RHS Painted Rectangles

From 50x25x1.6 to 250x150x9.0 BLK

SHS GAL Squares

From 20x20x1.6 GAL to 125x125x5.0 GAL

RHS GAL Rectangles

From 38.1x25.4x1.6 GAL to 150x100x5.0 GAL

Oval Rail

115x38x2.0 GAL and 115x38x2.0 PTD

Black Pipe Plain End

From 8nb MBPE to 150nbHBPE

GAL Pipe Plain End

From 15nb MGPE to 150nb HGPE

GAL Pipe Screwed & Socket

From 20nb MGSS to 80nb MGSS


16odx1.2 and 19odx1.2

Steel Merchant Bar



Flat Bar

From 10x3 to 100x25

Flats Grade 300

From 110x6 to 400x25

Equal Angles Grade 300

From 20x20x3 to 100x100x12

Unequal Angles Grade 300

From 65x50x5 to 125x75x10

Rounds Grade 250

From 6mm to 39mm

Squares Grade 250

From 10x10 to 32x32

Squares Grade 1045

From 40x40 to 50x50

Deformed Bar Grade 400Y

From 10mm to 20mm

Hot Dipped Gal Flats

From 25x3 to 100x10

Hot Dipped Gal Angles

From 25x25x3 to 50x50x3

Hot Dipped Gal Rounds

From 10mm to 16mm

Duragal Flats

From 50x4 to 100x6

Duragal Angles

From 30x30x2.5 to 75x75x6.0

Other Products




From 8mm 3000x1200 to 25mm 3000x1200

Floor Plates

From 2.1mm 1800x1200 to 6mm 6000x1200

Hot Rolled Sheets

From 1.6mm 24x1200 to 6mm 6000x1200

Rural Products

From Fencing to Cattle handling equipment


Fittings                                                                                   From Pipe, Gate, Post, Fence, Screws, Nuts and Bolts  

BOC Agent                                                                            Full range of Gases and Welding supplies           

Roofing                                                                                                  Purlins, Roofing, Guttering

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Sheet, Treadplate, RHS, Angles, Flats, Tube, Shutters, Privacy Screens, Gates (Motorised), Block Wall Infills.


RHS, SHS, Flats, Angles, U Beams, Sheet, Plate, Purlins, Roofing & Fencing Products. Galvanised Grates.


S/S sheet, Rhs, SHS, Round etc, also S/S balustrade fittings & wire.


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