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Aluminium SHS (Square Hollow Section)

From millimeters to full-lengths we stock a large quantity of Australian mill finish material, Available to purchase by length or the meter. Please contact us with any inquiry you have

Below is a list of sizes we stock or can supply 


12.7x12.7x1.57 6.5m

16x16x1.2 6.5m

20x20x1.6 6.5m

20x20x3.0 6.5m

25x25x1.6 6.5m

25x25x2.0 6.5m

25x25x3.0 6.5m

32x32x2.0 6.5m

32x32x3.0 6.5m

38x38x2.0 6.5m

40x40x1.6 6.5m

40x40x2.0 6.5m

40x40x3.0 6.5m

40x40x4.0 6.5m

45x45x2.5 6.5m

50x50x1.6 6.5m

50x50x2.0 6.5m

50x50x2.5 6.5m

50x50x3.0 6.5m

50x50x5.0 6.5m

62x62x5.0 6.8m

65x65x2.5 6.5m

65x65x3.0 6.5m

75x75x3.0 6.5m

76x76x6.35 6.5m

100x100x3.0 6.5m

100x100x6.0 6.5m

101.6x101.6x6.35 6.5m

150x150x3.0 6.5m

178x178x9.0 5.8m

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