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Galvanised Round Steel Pipe 

From millimeters to full-lengths we stock a large quantity of Imported Australian standard hot-dipped Galvanised pipe, Available to purchase by length or the meter. Please contact us with any inquiry you have.

Please download our product guide at the bottom of this page for more information.

Below is a list of sizes we stock or can supply 


6.5M Lengths

 8nb x 2.3 Medium

10nb x 2.3 Medium

15nb x 2.0 X/Light

15nb x 2.6 Medium

20nb x 2.0 X/Light

20nb x 2.3 Light

20nb x 2.6 Medium

25nb x 2.0 X/Light

25nb x 2.6 Light

25nb x 3.2 Medium

32nb x 2.0 X/Light

32nb x 2.6 Light

32nb x 3.2 Medium

32nb x 4.0 Heavy

40nb x 2.3 X/Light

40nb x 2.9 Light

40nb x 3.2 Medium

40nb x 4.0 Heavy

50nb x 2.3 X/Light

50nb x 2.9 Light

50nb x 3.6 Medium

50nb x 4.5 Heavy

65nb x 2.3 X/Light

65nb x 3.2 Light

65nb x 3.6 Medium

65nb x 4.5 Heavy

80nb x 2.6 X/Light

80nb x 3.2 Light

80nb x 4.0 Medium

80nb x 5.0 Heavy

90nb x 3.2 Light

90nb x 4.0 Medium

90nb x 5.0 Heavy

100nb x 3.2 X/Light

100nb x 3.6 Light

100nb x 4.5 Medium

100nb x 5.4 Heavy

125nb x 3.0 X/Light

125nb x 3.5 Light

125nb x 5.0 Medium

125nb x 5.4 Heavy

150nb x 3.0 X/Light

150nb x 3.5 Light

150nb x 5.0 Medium

150nb x 5.4 Heavy

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